Security &
Peace of Mind.

Whether you are storing building materials and tools, extra inventory, or household furniture, ProBox is proud to give you the best most secure storage container in the industry.

We are ProBox Strong.

The ProVault Locking System

Super Strong

  • 16-gauge heavy duty corrugated steel construction
  • Heavy duty all-steel doors

Seriously Secure

  • ProVault Locking System
  • Secured by two solid interior locking bars & five security plates
  • Designed to prevent break-ins using a prybar, drill or sawzall
  • The Probox Puck Lock is a 100% hardened steel lock featuring a hidden six-pin tumbler system

Any locking system is only as effective as the weakest part of the locking system. The ProVault Locking System is designed to address the weakest links which is protecting the lock from being drilled out, pried open with a crowbar, or cut with a sawzall blade.