ProBox Storage
& Perception.

ProBox is proud to give you the best-looking, most secure storage container in the industry. We take pride in maintaining our fleet making our perception of professionalism your reality.

We are ProBox Strong.

We rent and sell containers you can be proud to have on your property. And, when your work is done, just give us a call and we will arrange prompt pick up of all units. Thus, ensuring your workplace looks clean and professional.

Sleek Storage

  • New, well-maintained inventory
  • No dents, holes, or surface rust
  • Neutral exterior paint color to blend into your jobsite

ProBox Portable Storage always provides competitive pricing on great-looking containers.


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How Do You ProBox?

  • ProBox Delivery Trucks

    ProBox delivery is fast, easy and convenient. We stay out of your way!

  • All Shapes & Sizes

    One size doesn't fit all. That's why we have options.

  • Easily Organize Your Stuff

    Organize your on site storage with our shelving. Never lose anything!

  • Attractive On Site Storage

    Don't give make your neighbors look at an eye soar. Go with ProBox!

  • We Give You Options

    Whatever you need to store, we give you the options to make the most of your space!

  • Easy Open Doors

    Access your stuff quickly with our easy to open doors.

  • Easy & Fast Delivery

    We can put your ProBox wherever you want it! Just let us know.

  • Clean Interiors

    Our containers are brand new which means clean and open storage for your stuff.

  • Secure Your Stuff

    ProBox has the most secure boxes in the industry. Don't worry about your vaulables!