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One that’s built for you.

New one-trip containers. Cargo-worthy certified containers. Economical weather-tight storage containers. Even containers customized to be walk-up taco and coffee bars. Whatever container you need to purchase, we can make it happen.

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Let’s Go Container Shopping.

New Cargo Containers


New containers are ideal if your container is going to a high visibility location, such as a retail site or near a public space. Containers can be ISO-certified.

Used Cargo Containers

Retired Shipping Container

Buying used is a great economical option. Units are sold in a variety of conditions from “as is” to newly painted. Available to you in the 3 standard sizes.

Customized Containers


ProBox Portable Storage can modify your new or used containers with many different options and modifications to best fit your business/personal use.

How Do You ProBox?

  • Customizations

    We can do it all! Let us know what you want.

  • Secure Your Stuff

    We can ensure that your stuff is safely stored and keep would be thieves away.

  • Roll Up Doors

    We can install roll up doors to your container for easy round the clock access to your stuff.

  • ProBox Delivery Trucks

    ProBox delivery is fast, easy and convenient. We stay out of your way!

  • Custom Interior

    We can make sure you are comfortable inside your new container.

  • Hard Wood Floors

    Floors come standard with 1 1/8' marine plywood. Floors can be tiled, carpeted or even have epoxy added.

  • Modifications

    Customize your ProBox for what works best for you!

  • ProBox Guarantee

    ProBox can guarantee that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Lots Of Options

    Come down to our branch whenever and check out what is in stock!