Our Culture Has Purpose

To Our Fellow Teammates:


Thank you for being part of the Pro Box family.


We are a small company that wants to grow and keep to the feeling of a small company. As a result, we are building Pro Box with culture and purpose in mind. This is very easy to say but much more difficult to accomplish.


Let’s face it, we probably spend more waking hours at work than we do at home with our families. Life is too short to work for a company that treats employees and customers as numbers. We embrace and celebrate the fact that we are all working to make a better life for ourselves and our family. We want you to be with your family and take off time to enjoy life.


We hope to accomplish this by focusing on four basic principles.

1. We are a value based company. We make all decisions through the lens of or core values. We just do the right thing – always.
2. We treat employees as family. We are building a company where we would want one of our kids to work at.
3. We treat customers like family. We are building the company where we help and serve our customers as if we were helping our mom or family member. Sometimes that means recommending a competitor’s product.
4. Your family is important. We encourage making time for your family.


We are not perfect and learn every day from our mistakes. The purpose of this anonymous survey is to give us the valuable feedback we need to also become better teammates and managers.


Please take a few moments and fill this out. It is 100% anonymous to the company.


Steve Bunger

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